Plastic Identification Tool
A subdivision has been made into four categories of plastics. Do you have no idea what kind of plastic you are looking for? Underneath you can read the descriptions of the four categories of plastics. Underneath the description you can find all plastics in alphabetical order.

Do you know the plastic under a different name such as, for example, foam, formica or polystyrene? Then consult the list of names, on that page you can find the plastic with the official name directly below. By clicking on that name you will come to a page with the specific information of that specific plastic.


The plastic contains air bubbles and therefore a cell structure. As a result, the object is often lighter than initially looks. In general, a difference is made between hard and soft foams.


It is stretchable and then returns to its original shape. Note: it is not always very stretchable, especially if the material gets thicker, you may barely stretch it. Older elastomers can even harden completely.


It is thinner than 1 mm and you can roll it over a tube. There is no preformed shape (vacuum drawn or mold-made).


Rigid plastics are subdivided into three sub-categories: RIGID - SHEET, RIGID - INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT and RIGID - MADE BY ARTIST.