Plastic Identification Tool
Circle of Trust (Mother and Son), Folkert de Jong, 2009
Collection Rabo Art Collection
Sculpture, 195 x 47 x 68 cm (h x b x d)

Styrofoam, coloured polyurethane foam, wooden euro pallet, paint

The artwork is a life-size representation of a mother holding a child, standing on a wooden pallet. The figures are made from several pieces of foam with different colours; pink and blue strips of foam for the skirt. The hard foam bodies of mother and child were coloured and cast in a mould by the artist. Various parts and pieces of foam are glued together with a black foam material that is poured generously over the feet and the wooden pallet.

Blue foam: Extruded Polystyrene (XPS, extruded PS)
Pink foam: Extruded Polystyrene (XPS, extruded PS)
Black foam adhesive: Soft polyurethane ether (PUR ether soft)
Foam bodies: Soft polyurethane ether (PUR ether soft)

Folkert de Jong (Alkmaar, 1972) often uses materials that originate from the American petrochemical industry, were developed for military application, and were later used as construction material. By choosing hard foam he distances himself from the old material traditions in sculpture. De Jong: ‘Polyurethane and Styrofoam fit in the need of people to gain material wealth, status, and power in their search for happiness. I find it interesting to provide spiritual denotation to something industrial as construction foam. It represents everything that takes us to the crack of doom. It is harmful for the environment and expands unbridled. But with my art I want to lift people up, give them hope, especially with this material.’

The sculpture has a stable construction and is in good condition. The artwork was accessioned in 2009 and has been given on loan several times during which some damage occurred. The artist treated the damage by adding material.

Exhibition and Storage
The artwork is stored in a wooden crate which was made upon acquisition. The sculpture can be exhibited well. The euro pallet is part of the artwork and serves as plinth for the standing woman and also creates a barrier to keep the public at a distance.

Extruded polystyrene (PS, XPS extruded)
Soft polyurethane ether (PUR ether soft)

In general extruded PS (XPS) is more stable than PUR ether. Therefore, it is best to follow the recommendations for PUR ether foam.